How long will it take to exchange contracts?

This is the question asked of us most often, and probably one of the most difficult questions to answer, as it often depends upon so many factors.  These can be broken down into two stages: information collection and information analysis. Information in both cases can be further divided into information concerning the property itself, (such as the legal information supplied by a seller's solicitor), information to do with the area around the property (such as the results of searches that are carried out of the records held by the local, water or coal authorities - amongst others) and information about the source of your finances (be that the conditions your mortgage lender attaches to your borrowing, or the provenance of your deposit funds).

Of course, if you are selling, all of these issues only apply to you indirectly, as your purchaser will be carrying out the same processes on the documentation collected by their solicitors, much of which will be provided to them by us. Our responsibility will then be to assist your purchaser's solicitor in satisfying their analysis of that information.

Finally, bear in mind that the longer the chain of transactions, the greater the number of people that are simultaneously carrying out similar information gathering and investigation

As a general guide an average transaction may take 6-8 weeks to exchange contracts with completion following a week or two later.  However, it may happen more quickly or slowly depending upon the individual circumstances.  We will do everything that we can to progress your transaction as quickly as possible but we cannot offer any guarantee about how long it will take and you should not believe anyone else that does!

Fortunately, at O'Neill Patient you are in the hands of experts with a wealth of experience in navigating the unnecessarily complex issues thrown up by the English & Welsh system of conveyancing and land law, so that your move will be as efficient and stress-free as possible.