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20 February 2011

Internet and Email Risks at Work

Online and e-mail risks at work An employment tribunal has held that the dismissal of an employee for making derogatory comments about her workplace on Facebook ... Read more...

14 January 2011

Fines for breach of Data Protection

First fines for data protection breaches The Information Commissioner has sent a strong message to businesses by imposing the first monetary penalties on two or ... Read more...

14 January 2011

TUPE Guidance

Employment issues: TUPE transfers Businesses are often unaware of the obligations that arise when they are involved in a transaction where TUPE applies. For exa ... Read more...

16 December 2010

CML Lenders Handbook Update

Lenders make major changes to their standard instructions. The Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) has revealed the latest alterations to the standing mortgage le ... Read more...

16 December 2010

Sperm donor's battle for custody

Lesbian couple lose an Appeal Court fight to stop the gay father from spending time with their two children A gay father won joint custody of the two children h ... Read more...

11 December 2010

Corporate Manslaughter

Health and safety: first corporate manslaughter prosecution The first case brought against a business under the new corporate manslaughter legislation has been ... Read more...

11 December 2010

Employer Liability: References

Ex-employer liable for loss of earnings arising from poor reference Employers are often asked to provide references for ex-employees and it is a common misconce ... Read more...

2 December 2010

Automatic Pension Enrolment

Automatic pension enrolment The government has announced it is going ahead with its predecessor's plans for automatic pension enrolment following an independent ... Read more...

2 December 2010

Handling Disputes

Dispute resolution: handling a dispute Commercial disputes have increased over the past few years due, in part, to the recessionary pressures many businesses ha ... Read more...

2 December 2010

Redundancy Pools

Employment: redundancy selection pools A recent case in the Employment Appeal Tribunal illustrates the importance for businesses of being able to show that they ... Read more...

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