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21 October 2010

O'Neill Patient on the Radio

Local radio station Imagine FM came to Hazel Grove last week and carried out a live broadcast to help promote local businesses and raise awareness of the new Ha ... Read more...

27 September 2010

O'Neill Patient added to BDA list of recommended Dental Solicitors

O'Neill Patient Solicitors LLP has been added to the British Dental Association's panel of specialist solicitors for Dentists. For more information, click on th ... Read more...

23 September 2010

Easements - A warning to Landlords

Landlords should be aware of a recent High Court decision that considered a right to park. The court granted eight tenants in a block of flats an injunction aga ... Read more...

11 May 2010

Contract Negotiations: Pitfalls to Avoid

The High Court has ruled in a case that highlights the pitfalls of changing defined terms when varying an agreement. In this case, the parties amended the termi ... Read more...

Passing Off

A decision in the patents county court illustrates how passing off can be committed by small localised businesses. The parties in this case were two tree-surger ... Read more...

Contract Negotiations: Key Issues to Consider

Two recent cases highlight the importance for businesses of taking care when negotiating and drafting contracts. In the first, the Court of Appeal held that los ... Read more...

Regulation of Will-Writing

Support grows for regulation of will-writing Further to the BBC Panorama broadcast supporting our view that will-writing should be a regulated activity, there h ... Read more...

Furnished Holiday Lettings Rules

The government has recently published revised proposals for new rules on the taxation of furnished holiday lettings (FHLs). According to the government's own fi ... Read more...

Tenancy Deposit Scheme

Prescribed information A Court of Appeal case emphasises the importance of the prescribed information that landlords must give tenants under tenancy deposit sch ... Read more...

Trade Mark Infringement

Intellectual property: trade mark infringement A recent ECJ ruling will provide welcome news to trade mark proprietors. The ruling confirms that trade mark prop ... Read more...

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