Entrepreneurs Relief

Availability of entrepreneurs' relief

Business people will welcome a recent tax tribunal decision that held that the sale of part of a business qualified for entrepreneurs' relief. The individual in this case ran a food "broking" business and sold part of it to a client. The records, goodwill, trade marks and customer database were included in the sale.

The tribunal held that the inclusion of goodwill and the customer database were the key factors for its finding that there was a sale of a going concern. Although the decision is not binding and every case will depend on its facts, anyone who has disposed of their business in similar circumstances should submit a claim for entrepreneurs' relief.

As far as planning is concerned, individuals intending to dispose of their business in stages, or forced to do so because they cannot find a buyer for the whole business, should continue to take whatever steps they can (such as same day completion for the sale of different business units) to ensure that relief is available.

This checklist explains the circumstances in which entrepreneurs' relief may be available for individuals.

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