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The High Court has provided useful guidance on a number of issues connected with the increasingly significant online marketing industry. In a recent case, the court ruled that the owner of a football fans' website, who contracted to send marketing e-mails and SMS messages on behalf of a sponsor to "opted-in" recipients, failed to satisfy its obligations by sending e-mails to individuals whose details had been purchased from an unrelated third party.

The decision provides useful information on the meaning of the terms "opted-in" and "targeted", reminding businesses that:

• Unless specifically agreed in advance with the supplier, it is generally not possible to have exclusive use of bought-in data.
• Bought-in data may not be appropriate for use in targeted marketing campaigns or when data mining.

This checklist highlights the key data protection issues a business should consider when carrying out direct marketing. It explains how customer information should be collected and how product information should be communicated to existing customers.

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