Insolvency & Restructuring Services

In today's fragile economy many businesses need access to timely and effective insolvency advice to protect individual directors and their businesses, perhaps due to the company being loss making or simply going through a period of exceptionally tight cash flow.

Our experienced turnaround and insolvency department will walk you through all the options, protecting both the future of your business as well as your interests as a director/owner. In conjunction with our outsourced licensed insolvency practitioner, we will calmly and diligently assess the options available to your company. In many instances there are alternatives to formal insolvency proceedings, be it new banking arrangements, invoice discounting or restructuring. We can also assist you in dealing with HMRC time to pay arrangements as well as acting as a mediator should your relationship with your bankers have taken a turn for the worse.

Additionally, from an individual directors standpoint, we can look at personal debt solutions, such as IVA or bankruptcy .

Examples of insolvency we can assist with are as follows;

•         Creditors voluntary liquidation (CVL)
•         Administration
•         Corporate Voluntary Arrangements  (CVA)
•         Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVA)
•         Bankruptcy Advice
•         Directors disqualification actions
•         Fighting preference or undervalue transaction claims