Partnership Law is the area of law associated with a type of business entity in which the owners (partners) share the profits and losses of the business.

If you are already operating a business in a partnership, or you intend to do so it is crucial that the agreement between the business partners is set out in a formal partnership agreement. A clearly defined partnership agreement can assist in resolving disputes, defining powers of partners, as well as the procedures and limits within which a partnership operates.

In the absence of a partnership agreement, UK law will imply certain terms into the business relationship whether or not the partners agree or are aware of the implied terms.

Our Business Law team can help you to avoid future partnership disputes and ensure that your partnership agreement is properly recorded.

We provide expert advice for partnerships across a wide variety of business sectors, including:

  • Partnership formationĀ 
  • Partnership dissolution
  • Partnership agreementsĀ 
  • Partnership disputesĀ 
  • Partners duties and liabilities
  • Cross-option insurance agreements
  • Limited liability partnerships