The breakdown of a marriage can be a very difficult and stressful time for all concerned. You will need to ensure that you are properly informed of the options open to you when separating as this may impact on financial matters and costs.

Initially, you will need to decide whether you wish to divorce immediately, or separate and divorce at some later stage.

Whether you choose to divorce immediately will depend on each individual case and whether the marriage has "irretrievably broken down". This is proved by establishing the existence of one of five factual circumstances, which are: adultery (between a man and a women), unreasonable behaviour, desertion for a continuous period of 2 years or more, 2 years separation with consent or 5 years separation where the other parties consent is not required.

The divorce takes approximately 6 months from issuing through to decree absolute. We offer the following fixed fees: Undefended divorce - Petitioner - £700 plus vat and court fee (currently £550.00) Respondent - £350 plus vat Further details and terms upon request.